Walnut Coffee Table with Pint Sized Chairs


Earlier this summer I picked up an antique walnut dining table that had seen better days. It was missing the leaves, the expansion mechanism was frozen, all of the leg to apron joints were loose and the top had separated due to some pretty severe board warping. I don’t care for the term up-cycling but that is what I did to it. The legs and apron pieces were re-sized to a smaller scale and the middle sections of the top were rejoined and flattened to form a new top. I took care to leave as much of the table’s feel as possible like the original sawmill marks inside the apron. After the table (which I had envisioned as a coffee table) was finished I used the remaining walnut in a pair of my Pint Sized (child) Chairs with saddle sculpted seats to complete a set.   If you are interested in having Your own set made just for you click the commission me tab at the top of the page.

This is how the table looked when I picked it up.

Here is a close up of the finished table. It is 35″long, 18″wide and 21.5″ tall.


A close up of the Pint Sized Walnut chair with saddle sculpted seat. The Chairs are 25″ tall with a 12″ seat height.


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